User Interface

The control of contemporary microscopes is carried out – if not still controlled manually – through software provided by the manufacturer. In most cases, this software fails to easily and intuitively control the abundance of add-on modules. The enormous range of settings often overburdens the user while trying to find the right settings for his question.

That is why we develop ”smart” software, which only allows the user to access settings that are suitable for his experiment. Together with our microscope platform, this software represents an integrated, automatable system, which is able to realize all variations from high content to high throughput.

It is very important for us to create a new, user-friendly graphical user interface. It guides the user through the setup of the experiment, lets him change settings intuitively and allows him to generate and save protocols. In offline mode, you can easily scroll through older experiments. You have complete control over the software only by using mouse and tablet - the keyboard is not needed any more.