Our company TILL I.D. was shaped by its history. In the year 2000, the university professor (and former director of the BioImaging Center of the LMU Munich) Dr. Rainer Uhl, founded a company for research and development, in addition to his operative company TILL Photonics. With this new company he created a place where new concepts and patents can originate, without its sister company TILL Photonics being able to interfere! When Dr. Uhl sold TILL Photonics in 2008, he transferred the TILL I.D. by the majority into the possession of the Elisabeth and Helmut Uhl Foundation. Following his former activities, he continued to concentrate entirely on the development of new concepts which are licensed to other companies – predominantly to the former sister company TILL Photonics/FEI Munich.

Experiences collected in academia and in collaboration with a number of industrial and academic partners stimulate new concepts and patents. They are picked up and processed at TILL I.D. in interdisciplinary collaboration. The team combines know-how from chemists, physicists, engineers and computer scientists who collaborate interdisciplinary not only within the company, but also within research projects funded by the BMBF and the European Union.

Our overall aim is not to put our energy into product development, production or sales, but only into pre-competitive research up to evaluation models and prototypes. By following this aim we want to ensure that the results not only prove the general feasibility, but also contain a built-in inner logic, which facilitates the subsequent product development by the licensing partner.